The village of Borová Lada (Ferchenhaid) is situated in south-west Bohemia amidst the Šumava planes and between the villages of Horní Vltavice and Kvilda, on the confluence of the Vydří stream, the Teplá Vltava and the Malá Vltava (the Vltava stream) at the altitude                of 900 m.
The village surroundings offer loads of various options to tourists, bikers, skiers, as well as admirers of natural beauty and the Šumava romanticism all year round.

Latitude:  48°59'23.40"
Longitude: 13°39'35.49"



Important Contacts

Horní Vltavice police station: 388 436 020
Information Centre Svinná Lada: 388 434 180
Mountain rescue service: 388 428 193
Post office: 388 434 137