Splouvání Vltavy / Befahren des Flusses Vltava / Navigation of the Vltava
Splouvání Vltavy / Befahren des Flusses Vltava / Navigation of the Vltava
Rybaření v okolí Lenory / Fischen in der Umgebung von Lenora / Fishing in vicinity of Lenora
Rybaření v okolí Lenory / Fischen in der Umgebung von Lenora / Fishing in vicinity of Lenora
Rybaření v okolí Lenory / Fischen in der Umgebung von Lenora / Fishing in vicinity of Lenora

Bikes, Scooters

The main cycle route nr. 33 (cyklomagistrála) from Železná Ruda to Lipno transverses the village of Lenora. The trips may be planned into all directions from here.

Lenora - crossroads Zelená road - Volarské šance - Dobrá, crossroads - Dobrá - Pod Stožeckou skálou - Stožecká luka - U mlýnů - České Žleby - Stone Head (Kamenná hlava) - Mlaka Golden Path (Zlatá stezka) - Dolní Cazov - Dolní road - Strážný - Hliniště - Zelená road - Lenora



Boubín Virgin Forest (Boubínský prales)

green-marked path
The oldest protected Landscape Area in the Šumava
Starting point: Zátoň railway station
Distance: 10 km
Walking time: 3,5 hours
Classification: easy route with one steep climb and descent
Places of interest: Nature reserve with up to 450 years old virgin forest; Information Centre Idina Pila, Boubín Lake, instructive trail Boubín Virgin Forest (Boubínský prales)

The trail may be combined with climbing to Boubín mountain and view of the lookout tower, descending to Kubova Huť and return to Zátoň or Lenora by train.


blue-marked path
Starting point: Kubova Huť railway station
Distance: 13 km
Walking time: 4,5 hours
Classification: harder route with greater superelevation
Places of interest: Kubova Huť – (966 m) the highest elevated railway station in Bohemia at the altitude of 966 m, peak of Boubín mountain with lookout tower, Boubín Virgin Forest (Boubínský prales), stone memorials along the trail, Schwarzenbergs' hunting lodge on a short detour from the trail.

Through the valley of the Teplá Vltava

blue-marked , green-marked and yellow-marked paths
Starting point: Lenora manor house
Distance: 13 km
Walking time: 3,5 hours
Classification: easy walk
Places of interest: Lenora: memorial of A. Hartauer, "rechle" bridge, bread oven, Museum of Glass, Malá niva – peat-bog, Volary – Museum of the Šumava, church.

From Lenora to Boubín Lake and Zátoň

blue-marked path
Starting point: Lenora information Centre
Distance:15 km
Half-day walk
Set out on the blue-marked path from the bus station near the car park in front of the Information Centre towards the memorial of A. Hartauer. At the memorial turn to the right along the green-marked path that leads to the forest near Zátoň. Pass through the valley of the Kaplický stream to the Zátoň railway station. Continue along the green-marked path past the car park and camping site (with the possibility of refreshment in summer season) to the Information Centre Idina Pila. After the tour, continue to the Boubín Lake. Here you can go to the circular instructive trail of Boubín Virgin Forest or set out for the way back to Amortovka where you turn along the blue-marked path to Zátoň. Descend to Zátoň where you can visit the Information Centre of Lesy ČR. Return to Lenora by the main road past the Lenora railway station.

This route from Lenora may be also used for trips to Boubín or Bobík mountains.


Cross-Country Skiing Hints

From the Information Centre take the blue-marked path to the bridge across the Vltava. On the meadow behind the bridge there is a circular cross-country skiing track of approximately 3 km. From here you can continue in one direction to Soumarský most (Soumarský Bridge) and Volary or, after turning at Soumarský most to Dobrá. In the other direction there is a crossing of Zelená road, from where go uphill to Radvanovické Saddle and further to České Žleby or Stožec.

Up-to-date information about condition of cross-country skiing tracks


Downhill Skiing

Horní Vltavice

Kvilda Ski Resort

Zadov Ski Resort

Nové Hutě




Other Activities

Navigation of the Vltava

Navigation of the Teplá Vltava river on boats is a beautiful experience. From Lenora you can navigate down the river to Lipno dam. The most attractive part is the one between Soumarský Bridge (Soumarský most) and the village of Pěkná, where the river passes through the Šumava National Park. It is due to the nature protection that the regulative conditions for navigation were set in the recent years. The website of the Šumava National Park indicates whether the river meets the specified limit of the minimum water level for the specific day and whether there is a free capacity for boats. The visitors may bring their own boats or rent them in one of two boat rentals operating in the village.

 Fishing in vicinity of Lenora

The trout fishery falling into the competence of MO ČRS (Fishing Club of Czech Fishing Union) is designated as Vltava 34 and begins at the river bifurcation in Polka. The section suitable for sport fishing (of trout in particular) begins behind the Polka power station. Another section up of Horní Vltavice often serves as the last refuge of a sport fisher, when the lower parts are overcrowded with mad boatmen. A beautiful wilderness can be found in the section between Horní Vltavice and Zátoň, where we can also meet grayling more frequently. Behind Zátoň the river flows past the Houžen forest towards Stará Rachota and Lenora. This beautiful part surrounded by meadows and riverside stand of alder-trees is opening to the sought, which is extremely favourable direction for graylings here in the Šumava. The confluence of the Teplá Vltava with the Řásná in Lenora is a picturesque place, often chosen by painters as a subject of their works. Larger pool with a deeper hole hosts nice graylings and trout of all sizes. The Vltava 34 trout fishery ends up on a small stone weir behind Rechle bridge. From here, there is a greater incidence of white fish and, unfortunately, of asp that has been coming here upstream from Lipno reservoir in recent years. Fishing and staying along the Vltava riverside is certainly one of remarkable experiences.