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The Otava cycling path Sušice

The Sušice section of the cycling path is less than 11 km long and will lead you through the beautiful woody landscape along the stream of the Otava, later entring into the suburban sports and relaxation premises with various options of passing leisure time for the whole family. Then you will continue through the historical centre of the town and back on the path along the river, past the camp site and railway station, out of the town, across a rural village, meadows, forest...

To Velhartice castle (29 km)

Sušice – Dohaličky – Žikov – Častkov – Svojšice – Cihelna – Horní Staňkov – Velhartice – Drouhaveč – Hory Matky Boží – Lešišov – Břetětice – Svojšice – Odolenov – Sušice

Svojšice – a medieval fortress first mentioned in written records in the mid 14th century as an estate of the freemen of Svojšice. The families residing for the longest time in here were Cílové of Svojšice and later their relatives of the dynasty Kocové of Dobrše. The original owners acquired the fortress within the scope of restitution. In front of the house No. 19, there is a protected lime-tree with the trunk circumference of 624 cm and the height of 25 m.

Velhartice – a medieval Gothic castle from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. A dominant of the castle is a unique stone bridge with four pointed arches connecting the ruin of the palace called Rajský House with the opposite standing Putna tower. The Late Renaissance château part with arcades and the brewery were built in the 17th century.

Hory Matky Boží – local museum refers to the history of this originally mining settlement, later (in 1522) promoted to royal mining town. Besides the exhibits of mining and farming instruments the visitors may also visit a granny's flat room and a shoemaker's shop.

Svatobor lookout tower – behind Odolenov you can turn off the cycling route to the nearby top of Svatobor hill (845 m) with a tourist chalet and a 31 m high stone lookout tower.

To Rabí castle (24 km)

Sušice – Chmelná – Čimice – Žichovice – Rabí – Budětice – Lipová Lhota –  Tedražice – Sušice

Žichovice – protected lime-tree in the château park. Trunk circumference - 370 cm.

Rabí – the original fortress from the 14th century was later extended into one of the strongest fortified castles in Bohemia. The castle was conquered twice by the Hussite army. While besieging the castle in 1421, Jan Žižka lost his second eye. In present, Rabí is the largest castle ruin in Bohemia.

Budětice – 1676 Late Romanesque Church of St. Peter and St. Paul from the mid 13th century, later (in 1676) adapted in Baroque style.

To Kašperk castle (27 km)

Sušice – Dlouhá Ves – Bohdašice – Tuškov – (Kašperské Hory) – Kašperk – Ostružno – Albrechtice – Zaluží – Sušice

Kašperské Hory – the section from Tuškov to Kašperk can be extended by a visit to the town of Kašperské Hory. The mining settlement was founded at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries in place of the gold field. During the reign of the King John of Luxembourg, Kašperské Hory was promoted to a mining town. Local Šumava museum offers permanent exhibitions on the subjects of local nature and history, mining or wood-cutting, and presents collection of the Šhumava glass products. In the upper part of the square there is a Museum of Historical Motorcycles with the exposition of Czech toys and the Brewery Museum.

Kašperk – the highest elevated (886 m) royal castle in Bohemia built to protect the borderline and the Golden Path - the trade route connecting Bavaria with Bohemia. The castle has never been conquered.

Albrechtice – the settlement with the Church of the Virgin Mary and of the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul was founded in the 12th century by the Czech King Vladislav II. Today's church has preserved the look of the first half of the 13th century.
Protected lime-tree. Trunk circumference - 538 cm.

Lookout tower at Sedlo – in Albrechtice, you can extend your trip by following the red-marked tourist path (about 2 km long forest trail for pedestrians) to the top of Sedlo - ancient Celtic oppidum from the 1st millennium B.C. with a wooden and freely accessible lookout tower.

Rental shops of mountain bikes

Otavatour in the shop Tabák Švech
Sušice, náměstí Svobody 28, tel: 606 909 924, 376 528 839, e-mail:,

T-MIX s.r.o.
Sušice, náměstí Svobody 168, tel: 724 130 999, e-mail:,

Bicycle service

Servis jízdních kol (bicycle service) – Petr Čácha
Sušice, Příkopy 26, tel: 376 526 502, e-mail:,

Cykloservis – Vlastimil Míčka
Sušice, Havlíčkova 93, tel: 376 523 384, e-mail:,

Servis kol BIKE X SKI  – Aleš Hrabý
Sušice, T. G. Masaryka 179, tel: 603 717 148, e-mail:,                


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Cross-Country Skiing Hints

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Downhill Skiing

Kašperské Hory Ski Resort

Hartmanice Ski Resort

Nezdice Ski Resort


Other Activities

Boat rentals

Otavatour – boats, kayak and rafts rental shop
Sušice, náměstí Svobody 28 – in the shop Tabák Švech, tel: 606 909 924, 376 528 839, e-mail:,

Otava – boats, kayak and rafts rental shop
Sušice, T. G. Masaryka 132, tel 376 522 008, 777 023 778, 608 626 252,  e-mail:,

Offpark Sušice – rafts rental shop
Sušice, Na Fufernách, Hotel Fuferna, tel: 604 733 804, e-mail:,

Samba – boats rental shop
Sušice, nearby the camp site - about 150 m behind the weir, tel 604 904 737

In-line skates rentals

Robson  Sport
Sušice, T. G. Masaryka 132, tel: 376 522 008, 777 023 778, 608 626 252, e-mail:,

Offpark Sušice – in-line skates rental
Sušice, Na Fufernách, Hotel Fuferna, tel: 604 733 804, e-mail:,

Four-wheelers rentals

T – MIX s.r.o.
Sušice, náměstí Svobody 168, tel: 724 130 999, e-mail:,

Winter stadium
Sušice, Volšovská ulice – areál TJ Sušice, tel: 605 278 670, rezervace plochy prostřednictvím

Offpark s. r. o.
Na Fufernách, tel 604 733 804, e-mail:,

ropes centre
Tarzan jump
off-road scooters
jumping shoes
balloon flight
Seniors playground

Park in front of the primary school of T. G. Masaryk – Sušice, Jana Seitze embankment

Children activities

Children playgrounds

Children playground Na Fufernách, Sušice, u Hotelu Fuferna
sand, slides, attractions, swings, refreshment

Children playground at Santos island, Sušice, Luh Forest Park
carousel, slide swings, refreshment

Children playground by gymnasium (secondary school), Sušice, Pravdova street
enclosed playground, sand, attractions, carousel, slide

Children playrooms

Maternity Centre Medvídek, Sušice, Americké armády 74
playroom for parents and children

Other sports premises and activities

Football and athletics stadium
Sušice, Volšovská ul. – areál TJ Sušice, tel: 376 523 275 (TJ Sušice – secretariate), e-mail:

Winter stadium
Sušice, Volšovská ul. – areál TJ Sušice, tel: 376 528 771,

Summer operation of winter stadium: options: basketball, volleyball, handball, mini-football, tennis, floor-ball, street-ball, in-line hockey, 2 volleyball courts, in-line skating - mainly for parents with children and beginners

Sušice, Volšovská ul. – areál TJ Sušice, inside the winter stadium

Sports hall
Sušice, Fr. Procházky 119, tel 376 523 275, e-mail:

Tennis courts
Sušice, Na Fufernách, tel: 376 522 304, 731 782 352, e-mail:,

Volleyball courts
Sušice, Volšovská ul. – TJ Sušice premises

Skate park
Sušice, Volšovská ul. – TJ Sušice premises

tel: 777 255 543, e-mail:,
tel: 604 733 804, e-mail:,

Squash, bowling, skittles
Sušice, T. G. Masaryka 129, Sporthotel Pekárna, tel: 376 526 869,
e-mail: ,

Sušice saline cave
Sušice, T. G. Masaryka 22 – pasáž, tel: 773 523 000,