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Nová Pec – Jelení Vrchy – Plešné Lake (15 km)
Route of medium difficulty leading through the beautiful landscape of the Šumava mountains. The trip is less demanding in its section to Jelení Vrchy comparing to mounting from Schwarzenberg Canal to Plešné Lake (approx. 3 km), which is the most challenging one.

Nová Pec – Černý Kříž – Stožec – Nové Údolí (18 km)
Easy route suitable for family trips with small children. Its super-elevation is less than 100 m.

Nová Pec – Bližší Lhota – Přední Zvonková – Frýdava (27 km)
Long trip for advanced bikers.

Nová Pec – Pernek – Horní Planá – Černá v Pošumaví – Dolní Vltavice (21 km)
Beautiful trip along the left lakeside of Lipno Reservoir, mostly on the cycling trails.

Schwarzenberg Floating Canal (25 km)
The route along this technical monument leads through beautiful landscape. Everybody can adapt the trip according his or her ideas. Theea are two starting points for the trip: upper part of Nová Pec or Jelení Vrchy.

Jelení Vrchy – Nové Údolí (13 km)
This route copies to the great extent the flow of the Schwarzenberg Canal.



Medvědí stezka (Bear path): Ovesná – Černý Kříž (14 km)
Beautiful hiking route of medium difficulty.

Nová Pec – Plešné Lake (8 km)
This trip is of medium difficulty and includes mounting across the stone sea to Plešné Lake. If you still have enough strength at the lake, you can continue to the Stifter's Memorial offering beautiful view of the surroundings.

Nová Pec – Schwarzenberg Canal – Jelení Vrchy (10 km)
Easy route. Once you get to the Schwarzenberg Canal, you continue on flat ground up to Jelení Vrchy.

Nová Pec – Pernek – Hory
Peaceful route which can be easily complemented with bathing in the village of Hory in the Lipno Reservoir.

Nová Pec – Klápa – Zadní Zvonková (9 km)
Easy trip copying from the most part the flow of the Schwarzenberg Canal.

Nová Pec – Klápa – Smrčina
Challenging route suitable for a day-long trip.


Cross-country Skiing Hints

Up-to-date information about condition of cross-country skiing tracks

Starting points of the White Track can be found behind Marlin Hotel or ahead of a rail crossing in direction of Láz. The tracks commence right beside the central car-park.


Downhill Skiing


Lipno Resort

Horní Vltavice


Other Activities

In-line skating –  in-line path Nová Pec – Stožec