Bílá strž (White Gorge) waterfall

Bílá strž waterfall
Bílá strž waterfall

Bílá strž is the highest Šumava waterfall and is located in the valley of Bílý potok (the White Stream) at the altitude of 940 m. The height of the waterfall is 13 meters. Close to the waterfall there is a terrace offering beautiful view of this natural scenery. The waterfall is a part of the National Natural Reserve Bílá strž with the surface of 79 hectares, also protecting the remains of the original forest (beech and fir trees) having the form of virgin forest.
According to the folk legend of the 17th century, a forester was living somewhere in vicinity of the waterfall by Vlčí propast (Wolf Gorge), who gained his extraordinary shooting abilities due to a deed with the devil, for which he was imprisoned, interrogated and tortured. This legend allegedly inspired the compositor Karl Maria von Weber to compose his opera The Free Shooter.

To get to Bílá strž, set out from the railway station Hamry-Hojsova Strហalong the blue-marked tourist path passing through the village of Hamry. After 6 kilometres you reach the crossroads Pod Statečkem. From here take the yellow-marked path to get to Bílá strž after 1,3 km.
Another option of how to get to Bílá strž is to take 4 km long red-marked tourist path from Černé (Black) Lake. A comfortable yellow-marked tourist path goes to Černé Lake from the saddle of Špičák. Another option is to take the red-marked path from Železná Ruda leading around the Čertovo (Devil's) Lake (the distance of the whole track from Železná Ruda to Bílá Strž is 12 km).


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