Observation Tower of Poledník

Situated 7km to the south of Prášily is the Polední Mountain, which means in English  the Noon Mountain, at the top of which is the Poledník Observation Tower. At 1315m above sea level, the Polední Mountain dominates the whole border region. Originally, the outlook tower functioned as an air defence base for the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. After the fall of the Iron Curtain the military facility lost its purpose. The rebuilding of the 37m high tower was finished in 1998.

If the weather is good, visitors are offered a marvelous view of  nearly the whole mountain range of the Šumava and the Bavarian Forest. “The Green Roof of Europe” seems to open up and if  the visibility is good, you can admire the picturesque Šumava Region and the Czech Basin tens of kilometres away. You can also see the tops of the Alps, more than 180 km far, on a good day. Tourists can sit in a sheltered area and enjoy light refreshment by the tower.