Špičák has a rich history. There used to be ski jumps here in 1922 already, but the modern history of the place started to be written in 1971 with building of a ski lift and with gradual extension of the resort with the chalets Hanička and Blaženka, a gym, a tennis court and the Bohemia hotel.
 In present, Špičák is one of the largest ski resorts in the Šumava. A four-seat chair lift built in 2005 goes to the mountain peak. Its lower station is situated at the altitude of 863 m, the upper one at the altitude of 1201 m. It is 1201 metres long and surmounts a super-elevation of 338 metres. Špičák resort offers the total of five pistes and two practising slopes of the total length of 8 km to both skiers and snowboarders. The four-seat chair lift together with nine ski lifts have total transport capacity of 5500 persons per hour.
The fans of adrenaline sports may enjoy their time in KONA Bike Park. Many experienced bikers refer to it as   the best bike park in the Czech Republic. The park is a part of GraVity card - European leading bike parks system. A single all-season pass enables unlimited access to all leading European bike parks.
You are also welcome to examine your free-riding skills in the terrain. The bike park has several tracks of different difficulty in the total length of 5,1 kilometres. Both the bike park and the chair lift for pedestrians and bicycles are in operation from mid-June to mid-September.
A "summer sightseeing trail" also starts on Špičák. It is open from 15th June to 15th September and passes by Malý Špičák (1159 m) to get to the main European divide of the Black Sea and the North Sea drainage areas.
The families with children may walk down the trail called "The Fairy Bohemia"
(Pohádkové Česko) with several stations along the path asking question that will gradually reveal a secret password. The whole trail is 3 km long, starts on the peak and takes the visitors past the Black Lake to the base station of the chair lift.
From the peak of Špičák we can observe the valley of Železná Ruda, Pancíř and Falkenstain. While descending down the mountain we can also admire views of the Devil's Lake with Velký Javor in the background. At favourable weather conditions (particularly in winter), even the Alps are visible in the south-west (with the rounded mountain being Grossglockner).
According to the information indicated on the website www.lezec.cz, the rocks on the top of Špičák, right beside the Špičák saddle, are also suitable for bouldering.



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