Poledník Lookout Tower

Poledník Lookout Tower / Photograph by: EnJoey
The Poledník lookout tower was transformed from the former radar tower located in the inaccessible border zone. Poledník mountain is one of the highest peaks of the Šumava mountains (altitude of 1315 m). In 1960's large military premises with the concrete tower were built on top of Poledník mountain. The army abandoned the premises after 1989, some of the buildings were demolished, the tower underwent reconstruction and a cabin with a snack-bar was attached thereto. The lookout tower was opened to public in July 1998. Poledník is accessible along the red-marked tourist path from Prášily (approx. 10 km). The tower is open from some 15th May to 15th October and the entrance fee is CZK 20.


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